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Echoes from a Vedic tradition


Classical Indian music workshop

Date Time Day Location Price  
8 jun 2024 10:30 - 16:00 Saturday Akkerstraat 99 € 40,00 Tickets

Dive into the enchanting world of classical Indian music with Dr. Anand Kumar and Annu Priya. Discover the significance of Dhrupad, the heart of classical Indian music, where singing leads to a deeper understanding of musical compositions.

During this workshop, organized in collaboration with SaarVadi, you will encounter melodies rooted in centuries-old traditions, from the majestic Hindustani to the refined Carnatic styles. You will learn about the influence of Sama Veda, where each note signifies some sort of spiritual meaning.

Awaken your senses in a morning filled with music. The workshop concludes with a concert, where the sitar, tabla, and tanpura showcase the power of collaboration between instrument and musician.

The workshop includes beverages and a communal lunch, all in Indian style!

Age: 18 and above (welcome to all, regardless of music level or interests).