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Sacred resonance


Vedic mantra workshop

Date Time Day Location Price  
1 jun 2024 10:30 - 16:00 Saturday Akkerstraat 99 € 40,00 Tickets

Discover the beauty of ritualistic Indian singing with our experienced teachers from Varanasi, Dr. Anand Kumar and Annu Priya.

This accessible workshop, organized in collaboration with SaarVadi, is a journey through ancient traditions, suitable for both beginners and advanced musicians. Immersed in authentic Vedic music theory, we explore the meditative power of ritualistic singing: from the sacred 'Om' to complex mantras from Varanasi.

We conclude the day with an interactive concert, accompanied by sitar, harmonium, and tanpura. Together, we will sing everything we have learned throughout the day.

The workshop includes beverages and a communal lunch, all in Indian style!

Age: 18 and above (welcome to all, regardless of music level or interests)