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E-textiles: The basics

18-99 year Cancelled

Design a soft lamp, illuminate your costume or experiment with metal? In this course you will learn to work with all kinds of conductive materials and how to add LED lighting.

Start date Time Day Location Lessons Price  
13 Nov 2023 19:30 - 22:00 Monday Walstraat 34 Given by: Martin Kloos 144,- Cancelled

Electronics are often hard and made of plastic, but of course that is not necessary. In this course you will learn the basics of electronics and how to apply it to different types of conductive yarns and materials. For example, learn to embroider your own buttons, make a cuddly lamp or provide your outfit with a bright accent.

In addition to sewing by hand and with the sewing machine, you will learn how to solder electronic components and how to make your own battery holder.

Suitable for everyone!

Whether you get inspiration from the world of drag queens and kings, the world of cosplay or whether you want to see old techniques in a new light: the course is suitable for everyone! You don't need to have any prior knowledge or background in electronics or programming, but if you do there is more than enough to challenge you.

Basic materials are included, additional materials are available or for sale. For example, you need a microcontroller to control multi-colored LED lighting. For this you can purchase a BBC Micro-bit GO kit at VRIJDAG. It is necessary that you bring your own laptop.


Docenten: Martin Kloos

Would you like to participate, but is the course too expensive for you? You may be entitled to a discount or subsidy. Click here for terms and conditions.