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Liza Dries

Liza Dries is a music teacher at VRIJDAG. Would you like to participate in a workshop or course with Liza? Check out the offerings here!

Liza Dries

About Liza

Liza is not only an artist and producer for her solo project, but she is also active in the world of commercials and works producing with and for other artists. Although her own musical project focuses on electronic pop music, she is interested in various genres and likes to explore how songs are constructed, both in terms of arrangement and sound. She has released music on Safe Space Records in Cologne and Intercept Records in the Netherlands (known for artists such as Coloray and Ineffekt).

Liza draws inspiration from artists such as A.G. Cook, Sega Bodega, and Mica Levi, and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion for music production with you.