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Harpsichord lessons

Do you want to learn to play the harpsichord? Or playing with a harpsichord in a band, orchestra or ensemble? Take harpsichord lessons at VRIJDAG! View our harpsichord lessons below.

Harpsichord lessons in Groningen

For all ages and levels

The harpsichord is the predecessor of the piano and has a refined velvety sound. Despite being played with keys, the harpsichord is actually a stringed instrument. Unlike the piano (where strings are struck with a hammer), the strings of a harpsichord are plucked. This gives the instrument a harp-like sound. Baroque and other early music is mainly played on the harpsichord, but modern music also sounds great on this instrument.

At VRIJDAG you can take harpsichord lessons on your own or in groups. You will be taught by an experienced teacher who regularly plays the harpsichord in performances and concerts. So you learn the intricacies of harpsichord playing from real performing musicians! There are harpsichord lessons for all ages and all levels. And whether you choose individual harpsichord lessons or want to play in an ensemble, there is always a course for you.

VRIJDAG has many bands, ensembles, choirs and orchestras you can join with your harpsichord. Making music together with others is not only very sociable, but also educational. You are challenged to listen carefully to each other and to dare to play solo. Don't have your own harpsichord? Then you can hire one from us. Wondering if it is something for you? The first lesson is without obligation. You can cancel free of charge within three days of your first lesson. This does not apply to short courses (≤8 lessons).

Will we see you soon as a new student at our harpsichord lessons in Groningen?

Discounted harpsichord lessons?

Thanks to the support of Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur, Stichting Leergeld and the Stadjerspas, you can also take harpsichord lessons when your budget is tight at home.