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Music Production: Create your own track

18-99 years Sold out

In this course, Liza Dries will take you on a fascinating journey through the different facets of music production!

This course is in English, but German and Dutch speakers are welcome as well!

Start date Time Day Location Lessons Price  
30 Jan 2024 19:00 - 20:30 Tuesday Akkerstraat 99 Given by: Liza Dries v.a. 105,- Sold out

During this course, you will discover how to find your unique sound. Although music production is now easy to explore via YouTube tutorials, the focus of this course is on building a community with other (up-and-coming) producers and providing constructive feedback. Furthermore, we want to encourage queer/FLINTA+ people to sign up and do our best to be a Safer Space for people from this community.


  • Remaking a pop song
  • Song arrangement/structure
  • Vocal production
  • Building beats
  • Mixing basics and finishing tracks

Anyone who takes this course can use the open workplace in STUDIO10 for free on Tuesdays and Fridays during the course period.

Bring along

Bring your own laptop (with Ableton, preferably Ableton 11) and headphones. If you don't have these, please let us know in the comments during registration.

Note: The language for this course is English, but German and Dutch speakers are welcome as well.


Docenten: Liza Dries

Would you like to participate, but is the course too expensive for you? You may be entitled to a discount or subsidy. Click here for terms and conditions.