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Would you like to learn to play the trumpet? Or play together with your trumpet in a band, orchestra or ensemble? Take trumpet lessons at VRIJDAG!


Start date Time Day Location Lessons Price  
In consultation In consultation In consultation Akkerstraat 99 v.a. 340,- Sold out

The trumpet is the highest-sounding wind instrument of the 'brass family'. You can play beautiful melodies on it and it is an indispensable part of a brass band and the horn section of a big band. The trumpet also comes into its own as a solo instrument in all kinds of music styles. In jazz, funk and Latin but also in dance and electro; maybe you know music by Kyteman?

Wondering if trumpet lessons are something for you? Register and try it out! After your first lesson you have 3 days to cancel your registration free of charge. Don't have your own instrument (yet)? Then you can rent a trumpet from us.


Docenten: Libbe Oosterman

Would you like to participate, but is the course too expensive for you? You may be entitled to a discount or subsidy. Click here for terms and conditions.