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Would you like to learn to play the clarinet? Or play together with a clarinet in a band, orchestra or ensemble? Take clarinet lessons at VRIJDAG!


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In consultation In consultation In consultation Akkerstraat 99 v.a. 340,- Sold out

Enjoy the warm sound of this wind instrument! The clarinet can sound both sad and cheerful and loves all kinds of music; pop, rock, jazz and classical. You can play it whisper softly or very loudly. The clarinet family consists of seven members, the smallest being the sopranino, the largest being the contrabass clarinet.

When you start music lessons, you play the B-flat clarinet. It is a hollow wooden pipe with holes, some of which are covered with fingers and others with valves. You blow on a mouthpiece with a single reed.

Wondering if clarinet lessons are something for you? Register and try it out! After your first lesson you have 3 days to cancel your registration free of charge. Don't have your own instrument (yet)? Then you can rent a clarinet from us.


Docenten: Julius Jonker

Would you like to participate, but is the course too expensive for you? You may be entitled to a discount or subsidy. Click here for terms and conditions.