Album release Your Feet Travel Hope

Roos Galjaard & Sebastiaan Wiering

Free entrance - doors open at 20.00

Startdatum Tijd Locatie
HIER 28 mei 2022 20.15 - 21.15 VRIJDAG Concertzaal (Sint Jansstraat 7, Groningen)

It has been two special years for the duo Roos Galjaard and Sebastiaan Wiering, who have been musically together for 10 years. Hardly any performances, sometimes even a period without rehearsal. But they used this time to go into the studio with new and old material for their second album together: My Feet Travel Hope, which will be released on CD (and later also on vinyl) in May 2022.

Your feet Travel Hope is an album in which the collaboration has deepened and both musicians express their emotions over the past few years. Roos' lyrics are again poetic, draw on a deeper vessel, and are still personal and open. Guitar and cello take their place even more clearly and there is also room for the piano!

Again, there is plenty of room for the wonderful contributions of a variety of guest musicians, the amazing Hanneke Ramselaar on oboe, Obed Brinkman on trombone, Mamour Seck on drums and percussion, Benson Enowben Itoe on bass, Tobias Nagel and Rudmer van der Meer on electric guitar.

Bauke van der Laaken did an amazing job in Studio Spitsbergen and managed to capture our songs just right . And we are more than happy with the photography and artwork by Dasha Vinogradova.

We hope to welcome you on May 28 at the VRIJDAG Concertzaal to play a great show for you!


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