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Anika Mariam Ahmed

Anika Mariam Ahmed is a painting teacher at VRIJDAG. Would you like to participate in a workshop or course taught by Anika? See below!

Anika Mariam Ahmed

Tekenen en schilderen

About Anika

Anika has been drawing and painting since as long as she can remember. This has always been her way of communicating with the world and the medium through which she develops herself and experiences the world. She chose to live her life as a painter against a few odds and she is glad to spend her days practicing a craft that she loves. Anika moved all the way across the world from Dhaka (Bangladesh) and is proud of the journey of re-planting her roots in Groningen.

For Anika, teaching is a humbling profession where students and teachers work together towards knowledge. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and she values how she herself grows in the process. With her classes, Anika hopes to guide students in their own curiosities and to share her love of the medium.


Anika admires the work of Vincent van Gogh, Alice Neel, Lois Dodd, Max Beckmann, Jean Brusselmans, Edvard Munch, Paul Gauguin, Alex Katz, Rabindranath Tagore, Satjyajit Ray, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige and Félix Vallotton, to name a few!

Photo: Sander van der Bij

I hope that I am a kind teacher who is perceptive to the particular needs of a student, and that I can add my share to our common pool of knowledge. I hope that being in my class is a joyful and stimulating experience.

Anika Mariam Ahmed